Hair loss is one of the most emotionally devastating side-effects of cancer for women, for many women the loss of their “crowning glory” leaves them feeling depressed, unattractive and insecure about their role in the world and how they are perceived. A head full of beautiful hair really does make people feel more attractive and self-confident.

Fortunately, John Gooden, and his team of master stylists can give even bald women a beautiful mane of hair. The name John Gooden has been synonymous with style and sophistication from more than 40 years. Gooden, who has made an indelible mark on the hair industry with his incomparable talent has owned several of the most cutting-edge salons in the Midwest, and is known for his ability to transform ordinary into extraordinary. Now John and his handpicked team of master stylists are using their gifts to restore the looks of women who have been devastated by hair loss.

“I have spent my life teaching women how to use hair extensions, wigs and makeup to change not only their looks but their attitude,” explains Gooden. Now I want to take the skills and experience I have amassed during the past four decades to help women affected by hair loss to find the beauty they think will elude them forever.”

“Many people think that beauty is just skin deep but when a woman loses her hair or has it severely damaged due to chemotherapy, injury or disease that woman develops a darker outlook on life. I am committed to teaching women how to find the attractive woman they were always meant to be,” explains Gooden.

John Gooden, his sister Pauline Gooden-Groggins and their hand-picked team of master stylists recently opened a shop specializing in beauty restoration. Pauline Gooden-Groggins, the chief architect of the new salon has reassembled the team that has worked with her and John since the beginning. The Dream Team is composed of:
Pauline Gooden-Groggins
Brenda Todd
James Gooden

Pauline Godden-Groggins has been at the top of the hair replacement industry for decades. A living testament to the quality of her work, her hair and make-up are always flawless. “I started in this business as a model and an assistant,” Groggins explains. “My brother (John Gooden) would style my hair and bring in the best make-up artists in the business to do my make-up,” Groggins continued. “This taught me that hair and makeup can be used to transform even an average looking woman into someone who commands attention.”

This lesson eventually prompted her to work with her brother to open a salon specializing in helping women impacted by hair loss. “I have a passion to help women who have been touched by hair loss due to chemotherapy, disease or pattern baldness reconnect their good looks.”

According to Groggins weaves can be used to enhance the looks of women who are not experiencing hair loss. “Women can use weaves to experiment with different hair colors or textures, but they have to remember to continue to take care of their natural hair,” Groggins explains.

Kalena was practically born into the family business. She began her career as a hair stylist when she was just a young girl. She started working in the shop as a shampoo girl after school, washing and blow drying clients before they were styled by Pauline or John. Eventually, she went to beauty school and learned to cut, color and style, supplementing her school work with lessons from her legendary Uncle John Gooden. After spending a number of years learning the business both in books and hands-on as an assistant to both John and Pauline, she was welcomed into the family salon. Once she became a fully licensed stylist, Kalena worked hard to master the techniques and tricks that separate competent stylists from exceptional stylists. Today she enjoys the reputation as a top notched stylists and the devoted clientele that goes along with that important designation.

Brenda Todd, better known as Todd was persuaded to become a stylist by John and Pauline. Todd who is now a top-tier stylist and a master weaver, began her career as a model. As a model, she learned the right combination of clothes, make-up and hair could completely change a person’s looks. She was experimenting with various natural hair styles when she developed an interest in becoming a braider. She had been working as a braider for four years when one of John’s cousins came in for service and was so impressed by the quality of the workmanship that she offered to introduce Todd to her cousin. John saw Todd’s talent and encouraged her to come work in his shop and learn the ins-and outs of the hair care industry. Todd who had started hanging out at the shop after work was so captivated by Gooden’s talent and the range of styles that he could give his customers that she quickly agreed to join his staff.

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